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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Cheerios! I am not in the pink of health today and I feel alittle fat and round. I really need to get on with the workout that i have been delaying on doing. But I don't want to do it alone all the time. I was wondering if i should ask my hubby to accompany me for jogging sessions tomorrow since he'll be booking out tomorrow. We'll see.
Today, I had an appointment at Newton again. And after that I ate Nasi Lemak that my dad bought for me! See?? How to lose weight if I keep on eating like this?? Sayang! You really have to push me honey..! I know you love me no matter what, but this is within me that i have to work on. Please help support me alright yang? I am blogging as I wait for my Mandarin drama at 7pm and Singapore Idol at 8pm. I wonder who will be elimanated tonight. I think all of them have different types of talent.
Hmm.. Let me write about the past few days instead.. It's going to be a long post..

20 November 2009
My family and I went bowling with my mum's friends after work. They are a bunch of funny people! They took 2lanes with atleast 10 people bowling. Anyway, 1 of the lanes were not functioning well. But all move on. They bowled for atleast 2hours. Others stayed. But my family and 2 of my mum's friends decide to go off. My family decided to have dinner at Simpang Bedok and we had a great meal! We couldn't really finished the whole course.. Went back home after fetching my younger brother at Ponggol.
21 November 2009
Hubby's parents fetched me at my bus stop to your camp at 12pm. Sayangku book out a little later. Sayangku bought for me a drink can, like he always does every weekend! Thanks sayangku. Unpacked his clothes for laundry and ate lunch that his mum cooked for us! I like that ikan masin cik! Its different from the one I usually eat. Sayangku also enjoyed eating the sweet popcorn his mum made for him. After getting some rest, we made our way to a few places for the FleaMarket. We planned on 3 of them, but only managed to go to the one at HomeClub. At 5plus to 6pm, we drove home to fetch hubby's parents to go to the Electronic Fair. It wasn't really cheap though. And I did not find anything that really catch my eye. So after half an hour, we ate dinner at Jwok. Went to Shing Shiong and sent his parents home before sayangku and I drove off to Hougang Ntuc to buy Itam's food. And home after that. Thanks Suamiku..! I had fun with you the whole day today.. In the future, it'll be our turn to shop for the most beautiful television set! hehe! I love you!
22 November 2009
Usually, sayangku will have to book in on Sunday night. But not this Sunday! Yeah! We spent the whole day together, hand in hand. I remembered i smiled alot with my hubby regardless of where we went. I am so happy that sayangku did not need to book in tonight. Yeah!
23 November 2009
Sayangku drove to my house at 9am and I was a few minutes late coming down as I was cooking up breakfast for sayangku! And I am glad that you love it so much sayang! I will cook the exact same thing for you again when you book out okay? Anyway, we took itam jalan jalan for awhile and sayangku get to hold him.. sayangku suke itam jugak?? hehe! later in the future, we will get to care for him together okay? itam is like my son now.. i really love him so much..
Dental appointment at 10am. Orchid Garden afterwards to have our breakfast that we bought earlier at Kovan. And not forgetting the popcorn sayangku made for us! Thanks my love!! We spotted a cat at the gardens, kind of weird though. In the afternoon, fetched hubby's dad from work and sent him to hubby sister's house. We went to the nearest supermarket to get all sayangku's things for camp. Went to kakyani's house, have dinner which was delicious. It was her birthday! HAppy Birthday KAK!!! May you have a wonderful celebration kak!! The cake was huge!! We were late so we quickly went home and I help him pack. Sayangku's dad drove fast to make sure he will not be late to book in. Never seen him drive so fast before. Luckily he reached camp on time. His dad sent me home. What a long day. I'll miss you sayangku... But it's okay, we'll meet in 2days time!!
I am watching the chinese drama now.. Haha!! I find the show funny and very entertaining. AND sayangku has come back from his training from another camp! He did not bring his phone, so when he came back, he gave me a call just now. But he's not free yet. We'll be eating our Mee Goreng cup noodle together.. Can't wait! Sayangku, hurry book out. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!
Byee..!! See? I told you it's going to be a long post..

Monday, November 16, 2009
Here's some random pictures:

This was taken during my boyfriend birthday dinner at J Wok & Grill. I had a wonderful time with my hubby and his family! Full of laughter and happiness especially when the cake was brought out with the loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY song they played over the speaker.

Mine and Yours
-Salmon & Steak-

Birthday Hamper
I made this hamper for my Hubby's birthday!!
Nice?? It was full of his favourite chocolates and crackers!

CHAR KWAY SOTONG with mayonnaise!!!
I'm craving for this now!! hhmm..
And I also want to eat that super spicy Tom Yam at Fork&Spoon!!!
*Sayangku hurry book out! We go eat all the fooood okay? hehe.. =)

Hari Raya
*I had fun spending my raya days with my hubby's family side and also with my hubby following to my side of family.. Can't wait for next year! We prepare our matching outfits beforehand okay?
*Hmm.. I feel like eating Swensens' Salmon&MushroomBakedRice, Fries and Mushroom!
Yang, lets go jb this weekend to eat. We can buy the mushrooms i told you about. So huge. and buy lekor, hati and mempedal. Not forgeting leher ayam! hehe! sayangku don't eat all this.. only me. Well, its nice to 'rata' what.. =)

Hey, i just came back from the MOM to settle some issues I have. I lost my way after exiting at Chinatown Mrt. They should really put up some signs showing the directions at every exits especially Exit D. My hubby accompanied me on the phone as I try to find my way after looking on the map. But as I talked, sayangku slept! Hmph! I was 10 minutes late for my appointment but managed to finish it on time. I asked my dad to help me print out the letter I've written to send. So, tomorrow, I have to send the letter at Singapore Post before 1.30pm cause I have an appointment at Newton at 2pm. And And And I have to remember to get the Camden dental's number to fix an appointment this Saturday morning for my hubby. I cannot forget this!! Oh, I am so hungry now.
Anyway, I walked all the way home from Hougang Mall just now, hoping to lose some weight. I already made a goal for myself after work, to walk home everyday from Kovan Mrt. I believe I will lose weight in doing so. And when I'm not tired, I will jog at the bungalow area behind my house. I can't wait for the end result!(which will definitely take time).
I can't wait to meet my hubby this weekend! Meeting him make me feel so happy and peaceful. It's just that we have the same problem every weekend. We don't know what to do or where to go. Singapore is such a boring boring place. The past weeks, we did went to fun places such as the fitness park at WestCoast, Henderson, KTM and those beautiful beautiful quarries n Singapore!!! OMG it is so beautiful those huge rocks. I wonder what are those. I could sit all day looking at them. I like to go to Orchid Garden too, it seems so relax and fun there. Some other times, we just drive around looking at those huge and amazingly beautiful houses over at Tanglin and Thomson area. Sighh..It is my dream too to have a house like that,with my hubby of course! OK, done. I need to eat now and watch my mandarin show at 7pm later!
**To Kak Yani, Get well Soon Yeah!!! Eat lots of fruits and milk!! I hope you recover from your surgery fast!!
Talking to my hubby now!! buy for me HERO okay!!! Nak banyak banyak tau!! =)
Love ya,

Sunday, November 15, 2009
I am missing my boyfriend so much. I did not meet him for 5 days. But I met him just yesterday, for atleast 10hours. And now he's back in. So I would have to wait for 6more days till this Saturday.

Yesterday, we went out to The FleaMarket at Middle Road and also to HajiLane. But i couldn't find what i want. So end up with nothing. We ate our early dinner at ZamZam and my hubby forgot something! Hehe!! =) Hailed a cab home and rushed to help sayangku pack his things. When we got home,my hubby and I were indeed shocked+surprised when a woman came out from my hubby's room! It was actually his mum's friend. I am certainly not happy with it. Like who will?? How would I feel? Furthermore, that's a guy's room, for goodnes sake. I personally believe that she should go to my hubby sister's room. Am I wrong to feel this way?

After sending my hubby to camp, I went with his family and also his mum's friend to Orchard road. It was fun taking pictures and looking at those beautiful lights. A pity I could not spend the night with my hubby. I missed you.

Dearest sayangku,
I ony got the chance to meet you for a day. or should i say it was only for 10 hours. its not enough for us. we want to be together every minute and hour and years. but we can't. I always got to meet you for 2days a week. sometime 1 day. Especially when you have offday on a weekday and i have no choice but to work. Goodluck for your live firing baby. I'm always thinking about you. About how peaceful and happy you make me feel just by being by your side. I'll be very lonely today without you. I'll wait patiently for you honey. Just as how you knew i would always be there for you no matter what.. I hope things between us will always remain like this.

I don't care what others may say about us. All I know is my life with you has alwyas been the best , so to hell with those negative comments. Why should it affect us right? We are in love and these people don't exist in our love life. All we ever need is each other and our families. That's the most important people in our lives. They would always stand by us.

I love you sayangku. May our days ahead be as happy as this.


Thursday, October 22, 2009
I'm so bored to death. It's so amazing at how much a human being can spend endless time rotting at home doing nothing. I have enough of those. And I'm not going to rot anymore. Well, life is alittle different for me now, since you've been gone.

Just only getting to meet you over the weekends, it's not enough. When I wake up every morning, as soon as I open my eyes, I want to see you smiling at me. And when night falls, I want to hug you goodnight and cuddle up close to you as we sleep. Day by day, repeatedly. Forever.

As we both take a step in our lives, I hope it will be a step nearer to our future, together as one. I look forward to have a life with you and officially be your wife. I pray to God for you to completely change and be a new good person you want to be. And I know you can do it. I believe in you. Just please, don't ever ruin this chance ever again. Don't ever think I wouldn't know what's going on behind my back. God is always there. I will know one day,if you lie to me. So, please don't destroy what we have like you did once. It's only so many times I can bear with it.

Anyways, I watched 2 movies today. And both are such loveydovey movies that made me eyes teary. I love you my sweetheart Danial.

Please be strong. I'm always there for you no matter what. You know that. No matter how angry or upset I am, I will always come running back to you cos I love you.

Get well soon honeyku..

I can't wait for the weekend!! Suamiku coming backk!!!!

**OHNO! 1 more week to go!**

"I remember thinking that I had to have you, or I'd die."

"Destiny is the bridge that brings you to the one you love."

Lots of Love,

Friday, August 14, 2009
It's been so long since i last touch this blog of mine. I've been busy working and been so engaged in my private life that i seemed to have neglect my cat. I think he's pretty upset with me these days as he had made a mess of my room. oh i'm sorry Hitam. I'll make it up to you one day alright? I get you Salmon. I'm sure you'll love it.

Anyway, alot has happened these past months. I have been trying to understand life better and have found out that it is much complicated than it used to be when i was in secondary school. Indeed, life consist of commitments and responsibilities. I have learnt that happiness come a long way. The deeper thelove is, the deeper the hurt will be. Chaos and tears had been my friend for the past months. But I have learnt to understand these situations.

There was a huge thunderstorm. With thunder and lightning. It seemed impossible to get way to safety. I prayed to God, seeking his guidance to guide me to the right path of safety. The sea was dangerous as the water current flows strongly beneath me. I thought the boat was going to capsized. I thought that's the end of my life. But God was on my side, giving me the chances to learn and allow me the chance to survive. After the storm was over, it was still raining. Sometimes, the rain was not too heavy, sometimes, it was like cats and dogs. No matter how bad it is, I still persevere and go through the challenges with an open heart, praying that it will soon end one day. That the sun will rise, the weather will be cool and the sky will clear. That's when I know that everything will be okay. I keep this in mind as I go through the obstacles, I am willing to be strong for the name of love. For the love of God, family and my special someone. That was an example of my emotions I had went through.

Though things has not been that well for the past months, it definitely has gotten better. I can see you trying to change and I believe in you and our love. No matter what happens, You and I must never give up to make it work. For the name of our love, please.

These days have been happy for us as we had so much fun. We tried as hard as we can to understand each other better and always learn to compromise now. As much as I am hurting deep inside, I know that I will always love you. I know that we have to pass these series of tests and everything will be okay. I can see the future, my dream, living with you as my husband. Danial Triadi, I love you.

Friday, February 6, 2009
Why can't i breathe whenever i think about you.. Why can't i speak whenever i talk about you...
Hmm..it's been such a long time since i abandon this blog. Tha day before my birthday, hubby bought me a pair of heels from Charles & Keith..! ANd ANd ANd my 19th birthday was such a blast!! It's a day i will never forget as my hubby had made it so special for me.. He had it all planned carefully and everything was smooth sailing except the jammed roads at Orchard.
Hubby gave me 3 Surprises for my birthday!! Let me put those pictures to words so that you can understand better..
I had my Oral Assessment on Handling Terminations, Dismissals & Resignations with Esther Leong. I finished at 10am or so and my hubby met me at school..

In the lift going down...

As we were walking out of the mall, we would usually walk to the left, towards Dhoby Gaut Mrt Station. But my baby tricked me into walking to the right which was along the small road. He said his mum asked him to post a letter at the post office behind. I was wondering post office?? There's no post office here. But he insist there's one there. As you can see, he wanted us to walked down that road cause he had parked his car there.
And it's a surprise for me cause i didn't know he would drive here. All along i thought we would spend my birthday by the public transport. Well i guess he wanted to make it special and he didn't want his baby girl to be tired on her birthday. That's so sweet my love.. Thanks for the 1st surprise!

We bought packed lunch at my school and he drove us to...

MY 2nd Surprise...

In the carpark of Botanic Gardens, As you can see my hubby is at the back of the car.. He was actually taking out my 2nd surprise! Which was... *Look to the other picture to see..*

Yes, it is a bouquet of flowers.. And it wasn't just any kind of flowers..
It was a bouquet of 19 Roses..- 19 because it symbolizes my age.
And it was red and white roses..! He was also holding a hand-made card in his hand.. And he made it himself, it was so beautiful..
At first, i thought he bought that card and just write things inside.. BUT he actually even make the card himself..!

How can i not be the most happiest girl to be with my hubby??

At 7pm,we ate dinner at Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts..
And thats my 3rd Surprise!! He parked his car at Far East Plaza so i didn't have a clue where we're going. As we walked down the bridge outside Royal Plaza, i still hadn't a clue where we're going as it seems like we're almost walking past Royal Plaza. At the very last minute, hand in hand, walked towards the Carousel. I was like OH MY GOD.. Don't tell me we are eating here.. But he had actually made a reservation for 2 at 7pm on 7 January. As you can see, our dinner is at 7pm and do you know why 7pm? Cause it symbolizes my birthdate!! See how thoughtful he can be? There's no picture of us here in Carousel cos its all in his digi cam. Will upload the next time..

He sent his princess home after that.. He reached home quite late though he was working the next day.. And it's all for me.. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful birthday sayangku.. I will always remember this day sayang.. I never had a birthday like this before but you made it so special.. I had never expect this surprises you gave me.. I was so touched and i melt right into your heart sayang..

-The End-